Fight At 21 Savage’s Birthday Took Rapper & Friends By Surprise: Watch


21 Savage’s birthday has come and gone for another year, but as the rapper moves on to his next endeavours, the internet is still discovering exactly what unfolded at his party this year. As per usual, he and his crew linked up in Atlanta to celebrate and turn up, specifically selecting Underground as their venue for the evening. For the most part, it looks like the “Numb” hitmaker enjoyed his big day in good company, though there was at least one physical altercation that made the birthday boy’s Libra side really jump out.

In the video below, chaos erupts amid the giant crowd outside as music blares. Savage and his crew appear to confront another man who’s working security at the party, causing him to take on a fighting stance. Rather than immediately attack the group, he retreats. The verbal confrontation that follows suggests something far more serious might’ve taken place were the lyricist not by those with his best interest in mind.

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21 Savage Tries to Keep the Peace in True Libra Fashion

Another clip from the same function shows a brutal moment during which one patron was stomped out by a group of men. As XXL reports, the same security guard from the first video breaks up the situation with pepper spray, immediately causing the crowd to break up. It’s unclear exactly what caused all the drama to unfold, but thankfully, it doesn’t seem as though anything more serious went down while the Her Loss hitmaker’s friends honoured him.

Despite his best efforts to keep things at his birthday as calm as possible, at least one fight still broke out amid 21 Savage’s celebration. Thankfully, he’s having such a huge month already that it’s unlikely one scuffle will turn that around. Check out how the Saint Laurent Don entertained the crowd at a bar mitzvah earlier in October at the link below, and tap back in later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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