Tyrese Reacts To Samantha Lee Reflecting On Divorce Decision


Tyrese is addressing his ex, Samantha Lee, and her recent comments about her decision to file for divorce from the singer. According to Daily Mail, Lee filed the petition in September 2020, three years after she and the “Sweet Lady” singer tied the knot.

As The Shade Room previously reported, the former couple’s divorce proceedings remain ongoing.

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Samantha Lee Seemingly Expresses Regret Over Decision To Divorce Tyrese

The mother of one appeared on a live podcast called ‘Hardly Initiated‘ on the evening of Monday, October 16. The hosts questioned Lee about how she knew divorce was the “right option” for her former marriage with Tyrese.

Lee explained that often, women file for divorce out of hurt, anger, or “unforgiveness.” These emotions become bitterness, creating a “fence” between one and one’s partner.

Lee admitted that she probably looked at divorce “casually” when considering the option.

“I would never tell a woman to walk through that in the same frame of mind I was in when I did it,” Lee explained. “I was very hurt, I was very angry, and I remember when I made the decision, I was like, hysterically crying… on the phone with my attorney — that was not the person I should have been on the phone with.”

The mother of one explained she wasn’t “in any position to make that decision” because she was “extremely emotionally intoxicated.” Additionally, Lee explained that because she was speaking with her lawyer at the time of her decision and friends who didn’t encourage her to see her marriage through, she wasn’t talking to the proper support system.

Lee admitted that if she had “different people” in her ear at the time, she “would not” have decided to divorce Tyrese.

The Mother Of One Speaks On Possibly Reconciling With The Singer

As the conversation continued, Lee shared that sometimes she “battles” herself about her decision to file for divorce. However, at the time, she felt she was doing “the best thing” and “didn’t know how ugly it could get.”

“I know, a lot of women, we make that decision, and we’re so hurt and angry,” Lee explained. “And then five or six months later, you’re not that angry anymore.”

Elsewhere during the conversation, Lee opened up about possibly “rekindling” her “relationship” with Tyrese.

“It’s loaded because of the fact there’s been so much that’s happened,” Lee began. “…I would say that if we were both going to show up and we were both going to fight for it equally and sacrifice, equally… then yes.”

Tyrese Responds To Samantha Lee’s Comments, Calling Her “Heartless”

On Monday, Tyrese took to Instagram Live to respond to Lee’s comments. The 44-year-old implied that Lee is mainly concerned with “going viral” on the internet and refuted her claims about “not having the right people in her ear” during her divorce decision.

The singer explained that despite allegedly coming from a broken home like himself, Lee only perpetuated that reality for their daughter, Soraya Somer Gibson. Additionally, Tyrese seemingly accused Lee of disregarding his initial attempts to fight for their marriage.

“You’re heartless. None of your friends recognize you. This is all about money,” Tyrese said.

Ultimately, the 44-year-old accused Lee of “gaslighting” the public, adding that if his ex truly regretted her divorce decision, she would call off Tyrese’s child support of $20,000 a month for their daughter.

Watch the singer’s full thoughts below!

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