YBN Nahmir Explains Why He’s Going To Rehab For Addiction


The hip-hop world recently received a wake-up call when YBN Nahmir, one of the game’s prominent figures, decided to get candid with his audience. He decided he will be embarking on a path to sobriety. In a music industry where the party lifestyle often takes center stage, Nahmir’s decision to get real about his personal battle with addiction is a breath of fresh air. In a candid tweet, Nahmir revealed a surprising twist to his struggle. Contrary to the typical narratives involving “hardcore drugs,” Nahmir’s battle has revolved around alcohol addiction. The rapper, known for hits like “Rubbin Off The Paint” and “Bounce Out With That,” didn’t mince words as he shared this deeply personal journey.

“I’m not out here doing hardcore drugs,” Nahmir said in the tweet. “Im addicted to alcohol & I just need a little help, that’s all. I pop Percs here & there, smoke some weed. Normal s**t, but I do feel my body failing. I gotta be here for the people that’s here for me in the long run. I wanna be sober.” Nahmir’s admission serves as a stark reminder of the diversity of challenges within the realm of addiction, and it adds an authentic layer to his persona. He acknowledged that while he might occasionally indulge in Percs or enjoy some weed, his main adversary has been the bottle.

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YBN Nahmir Admits Addiction

However, what’s particularly admirable about Nahmir’s story is his commitment to not just his music and career but to his fans and his long-term well-being. In his own words, he’s making this bold move to ensure he’s there for the people who’ve supported him since day one. Nahmir’s decision underscores the significance of self-care and personal growth within the hip-hop game. Moreover, Nahmir’s courageous journey toward rehab highlights the fact that behind the glitz and glam of the rap scene, artists are, above all, human.

Furthermore, it’s a testament to the strength it takes to confront personal demons and make a change for the better. This move is sure to inspire others who may be grappling with similar issues to take that critical step towards seeking help.As YBN Nahmir embarks on his path to sobriety, the hip-hop community stands by his side, supporting his quest for personal growth and self-improvement. “Recreational use is fine but when you start feeling like you’re not living up to the expectations you set for yourself, it’s a problem. You start letting everything slip, standards, relationships, health, all of it. Look out for yourself first, not the people around you,” one person responded. Let us know your thoughts on HNHH!

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