Doja Cat Limits Her Instagram Comments Shares New Photo Dump


Doja Cat has long had a turbulent relationship with her fans and haters. Earlier this year she controversially picked a fight with some of her most die-hard fans. She took issue with the fact that they call themselves kittenz, which might have backfired. As a result she lost more than 200k Instagram followers and many of the most popular Doja fan pages deleted or changed their accounts in protest.

That wasn’t even part of the controversy she generated in the months following. During the lead-up to her new album Scarlet she increasingly embraced hellish and demonic imagery. That culminated in her single “Demons” which saw her literally taking on a demonic character. Unsurprisingly, that resulted in a lot of controversy for her. Doja handled it in various different ways, but mainly by doubling down on her actions pretty much every single time they were called into question.

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Doja Cat Finally Restricts Comments

Now, Doja has finally taken some action to rid herself of the haters. “everyone lost their privileges for commenting except for people i follow. also atlanta is my fav,” she captioned a new series of photos. The pictures themselves show some highlights from a recent tour stop in Atlanta. But the highlight of the post is Doja’s decision to let only people she follows comment on it. The move is common among stars dealing with some controversy. Just a few weeks ago Justin Timberlake was forced to turn his Instagram comments off entirely while dealing with backlash from Britney Spear’s new memoir.

In the comments, particular fans and friends of the rapper celebrate being included. “me won,” one of the top comments on the post reads. “An achievement my grandparents wouldn’t understand” and “Won the hunger games basically” two other comments read. With the move to limit her comments, she went ahead and limited them for all of her posts meaning fans can’t even return to commenting on old content she’s shared. What do you think of Doja Cat restricting comments on her Instagram? Let us know in the comment section below.

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