Rod Wave Responds To Boosie Badazz Blasting Him For Uncleared Sample: Watch


After a couple of hours of silence amid a social media firestorm, Rod Wave addressed the Boosie Badazz situation on social media. For those unaware, the latter accused the former of sampling a song of his without his permission, even threatening a lawsuit for it. Overall, it seemed like it could’ve been a pretty contentious affair, especially given how criticized or vague sampling can be. However, the Florida singer’s response puts this question to bed: is he going to play along or will they engage in even nastier beef? Well, now we know, and we can’t say we’re anything less than relieved at the result.

“On my momma Boosie,” Rod Wave wrote on Instagram on Monday (November 20). “Big bra I fw ya tell me a real number. Yeen even gotta do all dat tell me a number ima pull [up] and bring it to you!!” “This s**t gotta stop, man,” he added in a video message. “Man, you ain’t got to sue no n***a like me. I’ma pull up! F**k you talking about, suing me? I’ll pull up on you, bro. Tell me a number, tell me a real number, though. Don’t go cr*zy, a real number. [I’m] gon’ pull up and make sure you straight.”

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Rod Wave Says He Has No Problem With Paying Boosie For Sample: Watch

Meanwhile, these were Boosie’s initial messages to Rod Wave about this whole deal. “Can’t let you just take my s**t and I’m not getting nothing,” he remarked on Instagram Live “I just want my split, you know, my cut … I ain’t mad, I love when they do that s**t. You gotta compensate me, too. It’s a business. They wouldn’t do that to a white artist. They wouldn’t do that to another artist, just Boosie. So I’m coming back for all that, bro. Y’all already know.”

“HOW IS IT FOUL?” the 41-year-old continued on Twitter a few hours later. “ITS BUIZNESS N YOU KNOW THAT. YOU AINT GO DO THAT TO NO OTHER MAJOR LABEL WITHOUT COMPENSATING THEM WITH THEY SPLITS!! WHY DO IT TO A N***A YOU LOOKED UP [TO]. U EXPECT ME TO LET U TAKE MY KIDS PUBLISHING GTFOH STOP PLAYING VICTIM MY N***A. IS U GO SAMPLE NO LIMIT, BAD BOY, CASH MONEY, SO SO DEF, MICHAEL JACKSON, MARVIN GAYE, [OR] PRINCE WORD FOR WORD FOR FREE? NO @rodwave.” What’s kind of ironic is that Kodak Black also caught heat from Badazz for these reasons of copying his songs. For more news and the latest updates on Rod Wave and Boosie, log back into HNHH.

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