Lola Brooke Addresses Viral Video, Talks Dating & Celeb Crush


On the latest episode of ‘Stepping Into The Shade Room,’ Brooklyn-bred rapper Lola Brooke opens up about her artistic influences, the major impact that New York culture has had on her life and career, why she’s the artist not to play with, and talks celebrity crushes and more with host Thembi.

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Brooke rose to virality in the years following the 2021 release of her hit single, “Don’t Play With It.” Since then, the song’s official music video has garnered over 36 million views. Additionally, the MC has also signed a record deal with Arista Records.

Today, the 29-year-old is reflecting on all she’s accomplished while sharing advice for fellow rising artists and getting a little more personal with fans.

Lola Brooke Opens Up About Dating & Speaks On Having A Celebrity Crush

During the sitdown, Brooke revealed that she is four foot ten in stature and explained what she looks for in potential male partners. The rapper divulged that — contrary to popular belief — she doesn’t have a height requirement when dating.

“I ain’t got [a height requirement],” Brooke revealed. “Me?!… Because the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

Brooke added that she does have one major requirement, however.

“If that man cannot protect my life, I don’t care how tall he is,” Brooke explained before joking. “I’m too little to not be protected.”

As the convo progressed, Brooke was then asked to reveal her celebrity crush.

“I have a celebrity crush,” Brooke contended. “But I think they should know.”

Providing a bit more context as to who it could be, Brooke joked that it’s “somebody’s son” who isn’t “too crazy in the public eye.” However, she also added that she won’t be shooting her shot “at that man” anytime soon.

The Rapper Addresses A Viral Video

As the conversation progressed, Brooke also addressed a viral video that fans have long speculated she’s the center of. The video shows a woman who looks similar to Brooke hanging onto the side of a moving car as she shouts at the driver that she “isn’t going anywhere.”

Brooke has previously addressed the viral video by creating a humurous TikTok denying that it was her.

But now, the rapper is spilling all the tea on it.

Check out Lola Brooke on the latest episode of ‘Stepping Into The Shade Room’ below!

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