NBA Youngboy Responds To Gillie’s Request For Him To Headline A Festival With Lil Durk


Earlier today, a clip started making the round online of Gillie on his podcast opening up on who he would want to headline his festival. His answer made a lot of sense as he explained his picks would be Lil Durk and NBA Youngboy. The pair had a long-lasting beef that they reportedly only finally squashed earlier this year. Gillie hoped that the two taking the stage in the same night would show fans that the rappers really are there to give them the best performances possible above all else.

Fans in the comments didn’t believe initially the Youngboy was up for it. “Bro YB on house arrest at grave digger’s mountain,” one of the top comments mentions. “Bro tryna lit the stage up in a different way,” another comment reads suggesting that it would be a violent affair if they were both performing. But Youngboy seemingly surprised plenty of fans by responding to the request. In the video he shared he says that he would love to play at Gillie’s festival. The only issue is that he just needs to be let off of house arrest first. But that wasn’t even the revelation that most fans honed in on. Check out Gillie’s initial request and Youngboy’s video response below.

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NBA Youngboy Reveals He Regularly Talks To Lil Durk

Right at the start of the video Youngboy clarifies that the beef between him and Durk is firmly squashed. He explains that the two actually talk regularly specifically citing conversations they have about their music. He doesn’t seem to think there would be any hold ups if the two rappers were to co-headline a music festival together.

NBA Youngboy has had an extremely prolific 2023 releasing four entire projects worth of new material. The most recent is Decided 2 a full hour of new music across 18 songs that his streaming platforms last month. What do you think of NBA Youngboy’s revelation that he and Lil Durk talk every 2-3 days about their music? Let us know in the comment section below.

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