See Blueface React To Chrisean Rock & Jaidyn Alexis Hanging Out


It looks like Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis have put their differences aside for now. The pair is getting viral attention after livestreaming a lil’ quality time.

Instead of their usual jabs at each other, Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn spent time laughing and taunting Blueface on phone calls. Sometime after, the ‘Thotiana’ rapper live-streamed his reaction to their outing.

What influenced Chrisean and Jaidyn to link up at a gas station is unclear. They also didn’t specify if it was planned or whether they spontaneously ran into each other. But over 147,000 viewers tuned into Chrisean’s Instagram Live session.

“…Did you ever link up with a b***h your n***a f**king because I ain’t know it was gon’ be this lit.  I would’ve been linked up with the b***h,” Chrisean said.

Just before then, Jaidyn yelled out, “Oh, stop f**king calling my b***h,” but it’s unclear if she’s referencing Blueface.

Watch a snippet below.

What Were Chrisean Rock & Jaidyn Alexis Doing On Live?

Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn gave every kind of laugh you can imagine on the live session — from doubled-over cackling to lil’ smirks. Jokey jokes were being told; phone calls were ignored and answered.

At one point, Chrisean sang Jaidyn’s viral hit ‘Barbie.’ That moment stood out among online reactions, given that fans speculated the track was a diss for Chrisean written by Blueface. The track even landed Jaidyn in the eyesight of several labels, eventually getting her a “signed and sealed” deal.

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As of Monday, their time together got folks saying, “They’re BOTH in the front seat” — word to ‘Barbie’ lyrics. Much of the reaction seems to be between positive and requests for more live streams, while others seem a bit more shocked.

As mentioned, Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn haven’t always had the most peaceful past — sometimes trading online insults and jabs.

Both women share children with Blueface. Jaidyn has been in an on-and-off relationship with Blueface since their high school days, welcoming two children. He recently proposed to her at an NFL game.

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Chrisean welcomed her first child and son with the California artist this year. She was recently caught lip-locking in the club with her speculated boo, rapper K Suave.

Their viral livestream comes amid Blueface accusing Chrisean of leaving their son Chrisean Jr. alone with a friend as a sitter at 4 a.m.

Sometime after Chrisean and Jaidyn were kii-ing online, Blueface spoke to Jaidyn on Insta-Live. He alleged that “they,” meaning Jaidyn and Chrisean, “broke all [his]” things. He alleged both women owed him sexual favors in return.

Watch below.

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