Louis Vuitton Reveals Its $2.5K Prosthetic-Like Illusion Boots


Roommates, it looks like Louis Vuitton has once again pushed the boundaries of imagination in design. This time, the Illusion Boots, a creation that has had social media buzzing all week, make the scene.

While Louis Vuitton continues pushing boundaries with their latest footwear, folks online are sharing mixed reactions to the high fashion creation.

Louis Vuitton’s Illusion Boots Cost A Big Bag

The boots give the illusion of having a prosthetic leg!

Designers are said to have crafted them from fine leather and metals, claiming they replicate the look of a human leg with identical accuracy. They are available in two styles – below the knee and up to the ankle.

Buyers can see a core structure that mimics a human leg inside this transparent shell, giving it its “prosthetic” appearance.

But the attention these boots are getting has only fueled the intrigue around LV’s latest footwear. It’s one of the most talked-about fashion items since the big red boots by Mschf went viral two years ago.

But it’s not just the design that has left people in disbelief. For those considering buying a pair, Louis Vuitton has set an eye-watering price tag of $2.5k on the boots. The Illusion Boots are a part of Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2023 collection.

What Social Media Thinks About The Prosthetic-Like Boots

‘Baddies’ star Natalie Nunn, clearly unbothered by the hefty cost, showed off her pair just last week when she took to her Instagram Story. The reality star is one of the first celebrities to publicly wear the shoes.


#NatalieNunn shows off the viral #LouisVuitton heels! Roomies, would you wear these in your shade? #fyp #blacktiktok #viral #TheShadeRoom #foryoupage

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Some people have said they appreciate Louis Vuitton for defying conventional design norms and thinking outside the box. Meanwhile, others have voiced their distaste and discomfort over the aesthetic.

“This is so weird,” one person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “It’s almost creepy. It’s giving doll legs.”

Another social media user continued the conversation, writing, “They’re kinda so ugly I like them. But not for that price. They def don’t look like Louis Vuitton tho.”

Over on TikTok, people also discussed the boots — some offered critiques, and others contemplated getting themselves a pair.


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$2,400 is a STEAL! 😂 But for real though @Louis Vuitton , what was the thought process with these boots…? 😆🦿

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♬ MONACO – Bad Bunny


O mais novo token viral das redes sociais é a Illusion Boot da Louis Vuitton. No melhor estilo trompe l’oeil, as botas imitam uma perna falsa e debutaram nas passarelas da marca durante o desfile de Inverno 2023. A bota está à venda por US$2.470 (aproximadamente 12.000 reais) e é pintada à mão na Itália. Influencers como @MALU BORGES e Izzi já apareceram com o modelo. E você, o que você achou?

♬ som original – FFW

Roommates, are you feeling Louis Vuitton’s latest creation?


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