Charles Barkley Immediately Threatens Stephen A. Smith During In-Season Tournament Crossover Show


Charles Barkley had exactly zero chill as Stephen A. Smith joined Inside The NBA. Less than a minute into the crossover episode, put on to celebrate the In-Season Tournament in Vegas, Barkley was already coming for Smith. He warned Smith that it wasn’t First Take and he wouldn’t stand for “all that yelling you do”. Furthermore, Barkley said he’s give Smith an “a– whooping” if the ESPN personality tried anything. Of course, the whole thing was in good fun and Smith appeared to be having a blast. Later Shaq crashed ESPN‘s coverage, pretending to spill a drink on Smith.

As mentioned, the unique crossover event was down in service of ESPN and TNT each holding broadcasting rights for one of the In-Season Tournament semifinals. Pacers-Bucks will be broadcast on ESPN while TNT gets Pelicans-Pacers. Saturday’s tournament final will be broadcast on ABC and ESPN2.

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Stephen A. Smith Goes On Bizarre Rant About Women

However, a TNT crossover isn’t the only Stephen A. Smith vehicle to recently go off the rails. When asked the question “BBL versus natural” on The Stephen A. Smith Show, Smith went off a nearly five-minute rant. After establishing that he likes women with “curves” and said he needs a woman who has “more A and T than me”, Smith went completely off the rails.

The crux of his rant was that men want a “strong 7” in terms of their partner’s appearance. “10s” are “too much maintenance”, Smith argued. “9s” are also out for Smith because “she got enough people telling her she’s a 10”. The rant continued to get more and more bizarre, with Smith arguing that “too much independence” in a woman is a bad thing because it can reach a level where you (the man) start to feel dependent on your partner. After a certain point, like with many of Smith’s rants, it feels like he ran out of things to say. As a result, his point ends up being something along the lines of “get yourself a woman who is just a little insecure about her own appearance because that’s the best way to keep her around.”

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