Doja Cat Shows Off Her Flexibility And Brags About How Nice She Is In New Tour Pics


Throughout most of last month, Doja Cat has been on her Scarlet Tour. She’s popped up in numerous cities across North America. She’s been performing her new album and some of her biggest hits alongside guests like Doechii and Ice Spice. Earlier today she saw fit to share some behind-the-scenes tour photos with fans on Instagram and in typical Doja fashion it’s a chaotic bunch. Though the first picture is a pretty typical pose the rest constitute a wild ride of Doja showing off her flexibility in blurry dressing room photos.

In her caption Doja Cat jokes about how things can get difficult for her. “im so unique and different and likable sometimes i get scared of how quirky i am cuz i just feel like its intimidating to people and i don’t want to make people uncomfortable cuz im extremely nice. ugh,” the caption reads. It’s the kind of joke that Doja is well versed in making and her fans seem on board. The post racked up well over 600k likes in just a few hours after it was initially posted. Check out the full series of pictures below.

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Doja Cat’s Dressing Room Pics

In the comments of the post, fans play along with Doja’s jokes. “I can’t imagine your struggle. It must be hard to be so nice AND so sexy at the same time. Thoughts and prayers for you!” one of the top comments reads. “Yeah so true like when the quirky makes the likable, but then the nice is uncomfortable bc people unique but then it scared,” another agrees, slightly more seriously.

Earlier this month, Doja Cat had to apologize to fans after a show in New Jersey. With some online reporting that she was performing despite pressing illness, she delivered a performance that she didn’t feel was up to her own standards. She took to social media afterward to say sorry to fans, though many seemed to have enjoyed the show a lot anyway. What do you think of Doja Cat’s new photo dump? Let us know in the comment section below.

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