“Grand Theft Auto VI” Trailer: 5 Biggest Reveals


Rockstar Games has finally released the first look teaser trailer for the long awaited Grand Theft Auto VI. The game, which has been in development for a full decade, is set to take place in the fictional Florida locale of Vice City. From the first look, there seems to be plenty of oceanfront insanity for gamers to explore. With only 90 seconds of footage to analyze, fans of the GTA franchise have already begun performing a deep dive into the big reveals scattered throughout the teaser. Here are 5 of the biggest hints regarding what’s to come with the flagship franchise’s upcoming outing.

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5. Play As A Female Protagonist

Rumors have been circulating that Grand Theft Auto VI may feature a playable female character for some time now. The first teaser trailer seemingly reveals this to be true by introducing Lucia. Lucia looks to be engaged in a series of Bonnie and Clyde-style robberies with her male partner Jason. While gamers initially had negative reactions to the rumor of a female main character, the trailer seems to have gotten overwhelmingly positive responses from fans. Several GTA fans have even taken to social media to joke about the realities of playing as a woman in the mean streets of Vice City, and what that entails for style and gameplay options.

4. Vehicles For The Next Generation

In addition to a female lead, the trailer features a host of flashy classic cars. Vice City is rich with residents and visitors flexing their cash, and their hip tricked-out rides are no exception. Eagle-eyed viewers were able to catch glimpses of Porsches, Rolls Royces, and Pegassi Aventadors. Other interesting rides include boats, motorcycles, and even an airboat for cruising through the swamp. While each of these rides only received a moment in the spotlight, fans have already taken note. Soon enough we’ll be able to see if Grand Theft Auto VI truly lives up to its name by hot-wiring, repainting, and re-homing some of the finest rides available.

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3. Alligators Are Going To Be A Problem

Grand Theft Auto VI‘s first trailer contains several shots of Florida wildlife invading public spaces. Previous installments of the series saw players taking on mountain lions, bears, and violent domestic dogs. With Rockstar’s latest outing, Red Dead Redemption 2, the game studio put a great deal of effort into adding grizzly bears, snakes, and many other animal assets, meaning the gators in GTA have the potential to be as violent and ever-present as any common gang banger.

Games within the Grand Theft Auto franchise have always served as a satirical mirror to the ills of real life. Now, with social media being such a massive part of our day-to-day lives, it should come as no surprise that it will play a substantial role in Grand Theft Auto VI. When GTA 5 premiered back in 2013, it featured a mission that saw the player taking down a Facebook-style social media entity for political purposes, mirroring Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg’s pull in the political sphere. Now that TikTok has become the predominant app among young people, the trailer for GTA 6 has taken care to include plenty of shots replicating the vertical UI.

1. We’ll Have To Wait Until 2025 For The Full Game

Despite the long wait, it looks like Rockstar isn’t quite finished tweaking the fine details in Grand Theft Auto VI just yet. Fans were excited at the thought of a 2024 release date after waiting for more than a decade to play the game, but the trailer revealed a tentative date of 2025. Of course, more trailers and promotional material are sure to surface online throughout 2024. The build-up to GTA 6 has only just begun.


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