Michael Chandler Tackles Ric Flair: Watch


A video has gone viral on social media showing UFC veteran Michael Chandler tackling 74-year-old wrestling legend Ric Flair. According to Chandler, who spoke about the video with TMZ, it was all part of Flair showing him “the art”. The pair have regularly collaborated on a series of adverts for Car Shield, with their latest spot set to drop next week. So, for anyone concerned for the aging Flair, it was all just part of Chandler learning some WWE-style stage work.

Chandler, who served as a stable head on the most recent series of The Ultimate Fighter, is expected to return to the Octagon against Connor McGregor at some point in 2024. However, that all depends on McGregor’s continued recovery from a broken leg and whether the Irishman still wants to fight Chandler.

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Speaking on McGregor, he’s been involved in some viral social media content of his own this week. McGregor tried his hand at rapping after getting into a feud on X, formerly Twitter. McGregor posted a 2-minute verse aimed at Scott Moore, a political commentator and battle rapper from Northern Ireland, after Moore called McGregor “a profoundly stupid person”. McGregor’s stilted verse took aim at Moore’s appearance and Northern Irish origin. However, like many of McGregor’s tweets, it was quickly deleted from McGregor’s page. Moore still responded to McGregor’s verse with one of his own, going as far as to essentially call McGregor an English collaborator. However, his call for McGregor to face him in person was short-lived as McGregor simply chose to block him instead.

All of this stemmed from McGregor posting a selfie with the caption “Ireland, your President”. That’s what sparked the original comment from Moore. Furthermore, Moore informed McGregor that it was below the belt to go after his appearances and mannerisms. Moore says he suffers from a mental health condition that causes him to pick at his skin. Furthermore, he is also autistic, meaning there are many mannerisms he can’t control. Unfortunately, the prevailing opinion online was that this was another L for the MMA great.

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